Project partners

Assistants and Interns

  • Linda Poell (Utrecht University, internship spring 2013)
  • Valentijn Manshande (Utrecht University, internship spring 2013; student-assistant fall 2013)
  • Elze Blees (Utrecht University, student assistant February-July 2014)
  • Richard Calis (Utrecht University, research assistant September 2013-present)
  • Esther van de Panne (Utrecht University, internship April-July 2015)

Technical officers

  • Bert Massop (Utrecht University / University Library, October 2011-present)
  • Tom Tervoort (Utrecht University / University Library, October 2011-December 2013)

Board of Advisors

  • Professor Ann Blair (Harvard University, History Department)
  • Professor Roger Chartier (Collège de France, Paris and Department of History & University of Pennsylvania)
  • Dr Cristina Dondi (Oxford & Consortium of European Research Libraries)
  • Professor Paul Hoftijzer (University of Leiden, Department of Book and Digital Media Studies)
  • Professor Howard Hotson (St Anne’s College, Oxford & Cultures of Knowledge Project)
  • Professor Lisa Kuitert (University of Amsterdam, Department of Book History)
  • Professor Jerome McGann (University of Virginia, Department of English)
  • Dr David Pearson (Director of Libraries, Archives and Guildhall Art Gallery London)
  • Professor Andrew Pettegree (University of St Andrews, Director Universal Short Title Catalogue)
  • Professor Jacob Soll (University of Southern California, Department of History)
  • Professor Bob Owens (University of Bedfordshire, formerly Director of the Reading Experience Database)