ABO aims to offer full access to digitized copies of annotated books, focusing on the first three ages of print (c. 1450–1750). In the first year since its launch, ABO has managed to collect more than sixty annotated books from over ten different libraries around the globe, in six different languages.

We aim to expand this collection gradually on the basis of voluntary contributions from the research and library communities. We welcome all suggestions for new specimens of early modern annotated books that would be of interest to the users of ABO.

Please let us know by leaving a reply below. We will then contact the library in question and try to include the item on ABO.

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  1. Two things:
    First, I would love to see the recently discovered personally annotated Vesalius 2nd edition of the Fabrica – which includes his notes towards a never-published 3rd edition. It was discovered by its current owner Gerard Vogrincic in 2007 and now in the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, Toronto. I wrote about it here:

    The English Vesalius Brian Hurwitz + Ruth Richardson
    The Lancet, Volume 383, Issue 9925, Pages 1285 – 1286, 12 April 2014

    Second – do you know of a website which does similar work to ABO but which covers the 19th century??

    Kindest regards, and all encouragement for this splendid site.

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