Annotated books have not yet been catalogued in a systematic or comprehensive way. Some existing catalogues, moreover, are difficult to find or consult. Help us compile a list of available catalogues of annotated books in public collections. If you know of any catalogues (published, manuscript or digital), please include them on our list by leaving a reply below.


British Library

Alston, R.C. Books with manuscript: a short-title catalogue of books with manuscript notes in the British Library (London 1994).

Cambridge University

Luard, H.R. Catalogue of adversaria and printed books containing MS. notes preserved in the library of the University of Cambridge (Cambridge 1864). An annotated copy of this catalogue is available at Cambridge University Library. There is also a card index.

Cardiff University

A database of annotated playtexts in the Cardiff Rare Books Restoration Drama Collection can be found at the end of this paper by Melanie Bigold.

Folger Shakespeare Library

The HAMNET catalogue allows for advanced searches for annotated books. In the search in dropdown menu choose ‘Form/genre’, and enter ‘annotations’ in the search field. See here for more help.

University of Glasgow

The university is preparing a digital index of all its annotated incunabula.

Leiden University

Libri Annotati – handwritten catalogue of annotated books in the collections of Leiden University Library. The copy can be consulted in the reading room of the Special Collections. A digital version is in preparation.

Oxford University

A handwritten typescript of annotated editions of Greek and Latin classics kept in the Bodleian Library. The shelfmark is R.6.136.

Printed Books with Manuscript Additions – Catalogue of annotated books in the Duke Humfrey Library. The shelfmark is R.Ref.717.

Poole, W. Bodleian Adversaria: An Early-Modernist’s Miscellany (2008-). Miscellany of annotated books in Oxford.  A PDF is available on the website of the Bodleian Rare Books Department.

Yale University

Rosenthal, B. M. The Rosenthal Collection of Printed Books with Manuscript Annotations: A Catalog of 242 Editions Mostly Before 1600, Annotated by Contemporary or Near-Contemporary Readers (New Haven: Yale University 1997). Catalogue of annotated books in the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.



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